Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Dream

Sunday Afternoon Dream, Acrylic on Canvas, Winter 2007


Sarah said...

wow, I really like this, Jim. can you say something about how you went about doing this? is it a reflection in a window or something?

Watkins said...

Saray, I am so glad you like it. Yes the painting is a reflection in a window, albeit a little confusing. When I took the picture, I was looking up at a 45 degree angle, and behind the window is a dark room, and behind the dark room is a lit room. So the tan color square at the bottom is actually the doorway to a room. Like any interesting window reflection, this one is a bit disorientating. Also, I think that out of my recent paintings, this is the least 'real' looking. It is a somewhat simplified or summarized version of what the reflection really looked like. Thank you for your comment